“This is the cutest little canoe I have ever seen. A perfect canoe for my grandchildren to explore and navigate our little pond. It’s a gem on the water!” Mary from NH.

10' Puddle Jumper




The Puddle Jumper is a fun to paddle pack canoe for adults and kids. It also makes a handsome display canoe for homes, lodges, cabins, camps, stores, et cetera. It's perfect for kids to learn paddling and portaging concepts or for the soloist looking for an ultra light weight canoe for day use. The Puddle Jumper's easy maneuverability on the water and light weight will provide great access to small ponds and tight waterways.  Perfect for sneaking up on wildlife for quiet observation.

Built over a solid form using the same methods as our other canoes, the Puddle Jumper is built with or without seats (your choice). For on the water use it can be paddled with a single paddle or a double bladed paddle while sitting on the floor of the canoe with a seat back or on a folding caned seat.

The standard Puddle Jumper is built with cherry decks, thwarts and outwales.  However, every canoe we build can be customized to the liking of the individual.  The Puddle Jumper featured here was finished with tiger maple for the decks with coamings, thwarts and outwales plus outter stems.

Contact us for pricing. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


LOA: 10' 1"

Width: 25 1/2 "

Depth: 11 "

Weight: 28 lbs.