“I love the aboriginal influence the Cleawater has. Not only is this a beautiful canoe to look at but it’s a shear joy on the water.” Doug from NH.

16' Clearwater

The Clearwater has a beautiful curving sheer line, high rising ends, fine entry lines, and a generous amount of tumble-home. A shallow draft allows for effortless maneuverability but has just enough for a desired amount of stability.

The Clearwater embodies a pleasing combination of function and aesthetic qualities that represent the classic wood canvas canoe at the height of popularity during the teens and twenties of the 20th century.

The Clearwater can be finished with many complimentary features such as: a rub rail, sailing components, outer stems, keel, floor boards and seat backs. Simply put, the Clearwater is a great canoe for the pure pleasure of being on the water. 

For a truly unique canoe and tops in craftsmanship and materials we offer the Clearwater built in a Grade A model. It is built with closed gunwale construction, traditional cap rails, mahogany trim, outer stems and keel, rub rails with two tone paint job, and floor boards.  The Grade A model is the ultimate trim package and hearkens to a time when canoes were built for use and style.

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LOA: 16' 2 "

Width: 32 "

Depth: 12 1/2 "

Weight: 65 lbs.