“The Chicot is the most seaworthy canoe I have ever paddled. It’s the finest wood and canvas canoe I have ever paddled. You guys just aced the design.” Bill from Ontario.

17' Chicot



The Chicot (pronounced shee-koh) is an excellent and versatile canoe for pleasure paddling, family use, and wilderness travel. It has been renowned by it's many owners for its stability, maneuverability, and seaworthiness.

The hull design, a shallow arched hull with fine entry lines and full quarters, allows the Chicot to move through the water gracefully even when heavily loaded. Paddlers will find the Chicot more than capable of holding a generous amount of gear and will be pleased at how it tracks and responds to the paddle.

Our years spent guiding canoe trips up north inspired the Chicot's design. It is reminiscent of the early woodsman canoes of Canada and Maine and has that old time fishing, hunting, and guiding feel to it. The old guides of this era desired a canoe that could hold weight while maintaining seaworthiness, was stable enough for their inexperienced sports, and was maneuverable enough under the power of one paddle (the guides).

The Chicot is an exceptional canoe for pleasure paddling, load up your family and pets for a great day on the water.

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LOA: 17' 2 "

Width: 34 "

Depth: 12 3/4 "

Extra deep: 14"

Weight: 70 lbs