Build your own - A canoe workshop

Make the dream happen, say YES, you will not regret the experience; we love to teach & share our knowledge.  Come make some memories.

Step 1. You simply pick the canoe you would like to build.

Step 2. Give a call and we can chat about making this workshop a reality.

Step 3. Come to our shop, and build it under our guidance, with as much or as little help from us as needed. You are welcome to bring a friend, or a family member. Sharing this unique time with a canoe building buddy is a great memory maker.

From the very first hour, a student is fully involved in the building process. Teaching occurs with a hands on experience, learning by doing, with our full support, instruction, hints and tips. Throughout the canoe building workshop our job is ensure you are producing a beautiful and well built craft.

Workshops begin by cranking up the steamah' box and steam bending the ribs around the canoe form.  From there the hull will be built, plank by plank, tack by tack, shaving by shaving.  You'll be become quite comfortable with a 10 oz. hammer, small brass canoe tacks, small hand wood planes and long lengths of cedar planking. When finished, the canoe is lifted off the form, canvassed, and filled. During the week, thwarts will be carved and shaped, seats, and outer gunwales will be made and installed.  

To say this is a very gratifying and fulfilling way to spend a week is an understatement.

Because the canvas filler requires a 4 week curing period before painting, you will bring your canoe home for the final steps of painting and varnishing. Do not worry, we will provide you with all the information, steps and supplies to make finishing your canoe a success. If you prefer, we can finish the interior varnish and exterior painting for you- please inquire on additional pricing.

What does it take to be a student at Salmon Falls Canoe? Each student should be committed to work a full day of enjoyable hours and have the ability to follow basic direction. Pricing includes 9 days of instruction and all materials. To sign up for a class please contact us - we would be thrilled to teach and share our shop with you.

No experience in boat building is necessary.  

After finishing His canoe at home, Mr. Chris boots was thrilled to get his canoe on the water.

After finishing His canoe at home, Mr. Chris boots was thrilled to get his canoe on the water.

CLASS PRICE: $5800 A $500 deposit will hold your spot

Dates for 2019: March 10 -18 or november 3 - 11



Katie and George came to us from Toronto, Ontario

A fine duo who built a lovely 17' Chicot in our workshop. Katie finished it dark green and has put her on the water several times- Way to go Katie!