“I want to thank you guys for building me such a nice canoe. I’ve waited all my life for a canoe like this. My expectations have been exceeded. The two of you are truly craftsman who know your craft. Thank you.” Lee from NJ.

16' Temagami Traveler




While the name of this model pays homage to where we grew up canoeing, the Temagami Traveler draws upon the earlier canvas covered canoes for it's elegant and sweeping curves.

Typically built with outer stems, a keel and inwales and outwales that extend beyond the outer stems. This look is incredibly pleasing to the eye and complements are variety of paint colors.  Floor boards can be added as well as carry handles if so desired.

The sheer has a generous amount of rise, the floor is somewhat flat, and the ends have a fine entry line.  This hull shape makes the Temagami Traveler fast and responsive.

 All of these elements combined with its' beam and depth give a canoe that is great for general tandem and solo canoeing as well as family use and mild canoe tripping.

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LOA: 16' 1" 

Width: 33 " 

Depth: 12 " 

Weight: 62 lbs.