Let our well made paddles inspire you to get on the water

quality wood, nice lines, a great feel

Our paddles are made from solid wood using traditional paddle designs. Shafts are made with an oval profile for strength and comfort in the hands. Paddles are finished with either a marine varnish or oil finish. The grip is left unfinished for superior comfort as the natural oils from your hand will make the grip silky smooth


We offer three different paddle models: Guide, and Beavertail.  Each model can be made from maple.

Guide: Blade length 30 inches. Blade width 6 3/4 inches. Overall lengths available: 66 and 69 inches.

Beavertail: Blade length 25 inches. Blade width 6 3/4 inches. Overall lengths available: 57, 60, 63, 66 inches.

How to order 

Ordering a paddle from us is easy. Simply email us or call us with the model, and length you would like and we take it from there. Not sure what paddle you want, give us a call. We would be more than happy to speak with you.

Prices do not include shipping. Payments: We accept credit/debit cards, checks and cash.  

Recommendation for sizing your paddle

Hold your hands above your head as if you are holding a paddle. When both your elbows form right angles, measure the distance from the palm of your hand holding the grip to the outside edge of your pinky on the shaft. Add this measurement (the shaft length) to the blade length of the model you want. The total equals the recommended overall paddle length.

If the total length does not fall exactly on a size available round up for a paddle to be used in the stern. Round down for a paddle to be used in the bow. *For example: if your total length of shaft plus blade equals 62 inches, choose 63 inches for a stern paddle and 60 inches for a bow paddle.

This is a general rule of thumb for sizing paddles and a good guide line for the average paddler. If there is a different way you prefer to choose a paddle length, please use that method.