“Wow! I’ve seen a lot of boats in my time but this takes the cake. Your workmanship is just out of the world. It is hands down tops. It’s truly amazing to see work like this, keep up the good work.”

Courting Canoe


Each courting canoe we build is truly custom built and one of a kind.  They are offered in 10 and 17 foot lengths with 30 to 60 inch long decks. We also offer a 12 foot display model.    

Our courting canoes are modeled after the famous courting canoes that were built on the Charles River outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  Often referred to as the Charles River Builders, there were nearly a dozen canoe builders up and down the Charles River and the surrounding area who produced some of the most lavish and elegant canoes ever built.  

Planking and ribs may either be northern white cedar or western red cedar or a combination of both.  Close attention is paid to wood selection, all ribs and planking will be quarter sawn.  Planking will be laid and fastened in a book-matched sequence.  All decking and trim material will also come from the same tree and will be book matched which provides symmetry in wood grain and color tone.

Stem profile such as a torpedo stem, deck length, wood species for the trim, styles of seats and thwarts, monograms, stripping, gold leafing, outer stems and keel are just some of the options that can be chosen to put together that special canoe. Seat backs, matching paddles, and canopies are also available. 

Contact us for pricing. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


LOA: 10', 17'

Width: 33 "

Depth: 11 "

Weight: N/A